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Cancer/Sagittarius – Rising Sign

by Jim D’Amato

You are sensitive, intuitive and have imagination, vision and foresight, which you could use in business to become wealthy. Money, power and wealth are attributes which you deeply desire and have extensive plans to achieve, in the future.

Being able to read people and having a good organizational ability helps in the above goals and numerous other long term plans you have devised. Businesses where skills in international communication, commerce or high mindedness and trust is necessary, probably fit this native’s profile best.

You have a deep philosophical and spiritual nature but you tend to be a little bit too superstitious. You see using your wealth for some higher goal as a way to reform the group or society. You respect the establishment but see a strong need for changes. You could fashion yourself after some well known predecessor.

You are relatively conventional in many ways but may not be so conventional sexually or socially. You enjoy your home and food. Your personality may be very different [introvert] at home than [extrovert] in the business world.

In personal relations you are affectionate, kind-hearted, sentimental and warm. You are sensitive and easily hurt but your mostly positive outlook allows you to forgive fairly easily.